Client: Aekin
Sector: Architecture
Country: Belgium




Just as different questions lead to different answers, different points of view lead to different perceptions that evoke various emotional values.

Our philosophy is reflected by a state of mind which is receptive for critical reflection on nature, cultures and our way of living.

Our approach never stands still. In order to keep the user central we invest in new models of creative partnership which allow us to engage collaborators at any stage of our development process.

Aekin explores different points of views to build human centred architecture. To create dynamic experience that are explored through movement.


Kinesthesia is the perception of our environment through movement. Aekin believes in the power of movement, and considers it as a design tool rather than a result.

The idea is to circulate around the object in order to feel the perception attached to each point of view. The object looks and feels very different depending from where we see it.

This proposition is based on the idea of translating the changing of points of view (perception) through movement.

These sequences don't show a moving object, but rather a moving point of view. The sequencial views of the object helps convey the notion of movement that lies at the core of kinesthetic perception.


· Strategy
· Identity
· Stationary
· Website

Creative Team


Matthieu Regout
Edouard Pecher
Julien Van Havere

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Movement n°1

Movement n°2

Movement n°3

Movement n°4