Client: Declercq Mobilier
Sector: Design
Country: Belgium

Since its creation in the 1950's, this Belgian company has been specialising in the manufacture of tubular furniture.



Declercq is a company that bends tubes in order to make great furniture that stands the test of time. They make their chairs, stools, tables and desks in Belgium, and dispatch them everywhere in the world.

Today the company wants to diversify itself. With a strong presence in school furniture, they are currently aiming at making their place in the design sector.



For Declercq's visual identity, we developed an identity system based around the art of tube bending. In that technique lies the core of every product the company manufactures.

From that concept, we created a complete toolbox including a logotype, a typeface and a visual language that allows us to make a wide range of implementations (stationary, folders, website...)



· Strategy
· Identity
· Print
· Website
· Photography Art Direction

Creative Team
Matthieu Regout
Edouard Pecher
Julien Van Havere