Our goal is to help organisations to better understand themselves in order to communicate their true personality in a clear, coherent and engaging way.

We are based in Brussels (BE) and Lisbon (PT).


Good identities are like ecosystems, they are ever evolving. Everything originating from your company should feel that they emanate from the same family. 

Our goal is to help organisations discover their real purpose in order to perceive and grow the potential of their personality.


We are an ensemble of creative independents, a group of friends, where each one of us is specialised in their respective field.

Each of our clients work directly with one of our associates, ensuring a close collaboration. Through an open dialogue with the client we will ensure to engage everyone towards the same goal.


We can assist you with all matters related to your company's identity and visual communication, including:

· Project personality
· Visual identity
· Website design
· Editorial design
· Packaging
· Signage system
· Illustrations


Client List

Achtung! (NL)
Aekin Architects (BE)
Alpro (BE)
AMC Diamonds (BE)
Apex Motorsport (BE)
Been by D’heygere (BE)
Bellerose (BE)
Bubbly (BE)
ClayLime (BE)
Cuppersun (BE)
Declercq Mobilier (BE)
Duvel (BE)
Divine Wines (BE)
Escuyer (BE)

Gazelle N°1 Bikes (NL)
Gem Research Swisslab (CH)
Graphie Sud (BE)
Hotel Hubert (BE)
Isabelle Baines (BE)
Ito (MA)
IVY New York (USA)
Joone Paris (FR)
Crab Assurances (BE)
Knees to Chin (BE)
L.A. Raadhuys (BE)
Made Estate (BE)
Manymore Coaching (BE)
Méthos (FR)
Naledi (BE/USA)

Otoco Art Studio (PT)
Rococo Productions (BE)
Rue Blanche (BE)
Semsom (BE)
Spendesk (FR)
Teleclean (BE)
Tom Yam (BE)
Union Bikes (NL)
Victoria Benelux (BE)
Waio (BE)
WIK Karting (BE)
Wolfers (BE)



We are based in Brussels (BE) and Lisbon (PT). Feel free to contact us for new business enquiries or other types of collaborative projects.