Client:  Isabelle Baines
Sector: Fashion
Country: Belgium

Isabelle Baines is a fashion brand created in 1985 that designs hand-made knitwear from their studio in Brussels.



Isabelle Baines aims to stay a small independent brand with a family atmosphere, where everyone fits well within the team. This allows them to stay incredibly focussed on what they do best: the art of knitting.

Her aim is to keep on exercising her passion for knitwear and be able to share it with people. She is a craftswoman that is drawn towards manual and detailed labour. What drives her is to create and develop an entire collection which people can truly enjoy and appreciate.



For Isabelle's identity system we developed a simple solution based on the knitting process, where the rectangle acts as an abstraction the machine's handle and where the type represents the knitted tread. 

Like the actual knitting machines, the type and its rectangle can slide along the edges of every implementation, from the stationary to the website. 



· Strategy
· Identity
· Print
· Art Direction
· Video
· Website

Creative Team


Matthieu Regout
Edouard Pecher
Julien Van Havere



Video: Loïc Van Der Heyden
Art Direction: Emmanuel Debroise
Photography: Ola Rindal