Client: Manymore
Sector: Coaching & Management
Country: Belgium

Manymore is a management & coaching business that accompanies managers and their teams towards the humanisation of their performance.




Their purpose is to help organisations to develop their human capital, to stimulate the collective intelligence in order to reach its full potential.

By introducing and creating 'alliance' between the different actors of a group, Manymore helps people to better understand and connect with each other.

To reach a business' full potential through the internal human forces of the team.



Manymore considers organisations like living organisms. Ensuring that each individual within the company becomes a vector of contagion, where everyone opens up and adapts in order to nourish the project.

We developed a visual identity that conveys the notion of 'positive contagion'. The agglomeration of coloured 'bubbles' is a metaphoric representation of the ever evolving human collaboration within a project / organisation.



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· Identity
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Creative Team


Tatiana Mai
Matthieu Regout