Name: Méthos
Sector: Ethnography and Anthropology
Country: France

Méthos is a Paris-based research company that operates both for public organisations and private companies.


Méthos draws into anthropology and sociology, using ethnography and video, in order to understand society better.

They aim to show the purpose of ethnography to help people to better understand themselves and the modern world.


Méthos’ identity is made of nine different symbols where each one represents a particular ‘field’ typology. 

In ethnography every project is immersive and therefore strongly bound to its environment.

This solution creates a distinctive and intriguing feel, where the set of symbols could be interpreted as an ancient language, conveying the romantic and mysterious dimension of the brand.


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Creative Team
Matthieu Regout
Edouard Pecher
Julien Van Havere

Video: Loïc Van Der Heyden